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The study of Science and Technology is vital, primordial and crucial precursors for rapid sustained national development in a globalized modern society. In tandem with the vision of the Founding Fathers of ‘The Academy’ the General Science Department was established as far back in the 1930s and has since been training top-class scientists for leadership positions in Science and Technology as practitioners in industry and Senior faculty in academia globally. The department has undergone a myriad of transformations in its course content, coverage and scope- from General Science, Health Science, Core Science and Integrated Science as compulsory subjects for learners over the years. In furtherance of the laudable dream to excel, elective subjects taught till today are Biology, Chemistry and Physics across space and time spanning the various educational reform dispensations- 5-year GCE O’ Level and 2 -year A’ Level, 3-year SSCE, 4/3-year SHS, the latter which runs today.

The General Science Department of Accra Academy has trained both male and female Science professionals and continues to train young boys into formidable specialists in Life and Bio- Sciences like Medicine, Pharmacy, Physiology, Microbiology, Virology and Surgery. Equally, a number of old students are veterans and authorities in Physical Sciences, including Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, Security, Meteorology, Astronomy, Aerospace industry, Criminology, Forensics and many others in wider field of science. Today, the Department has about 30 experienced and result-oriented staffs with a wide range of academic and professional credentials and in all frankness, the highest holders of postgraduate qualifications. The General Science Department is undoubtedly a harmonious and peaceful place in the school, for God Himself is our head and all staff stewards in His courtyard. The department has six laboratories for Biology, Chemistry and Physics recently refurbished and re-equipped for cutting-edge Science practical lessons and basic research. To your excellencies BLEOOBII, we remain eternally indebted and our very least is to say, God bless you and keep you blameless unto the Great Day of Reckoning.

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The Science students’ front has 20 classes made up of 11 SHS 1 and 9 SHS 2 classes, with student population close to 1,200, all of which offer Chemistry, Physics and Biology or Elective ICT or Geography and also has Chemistry and Physics as free electives for General Agricultural Science students. In fact, it is the General Science students who obtain the 8A1’S in the WASSCE with the highest tally in the history of Accra Academy. The Science staff and students engage in the most numerous and diversified co-curricular activities- The NSMQ, SHARK, STEM, STMIE, STEMNNOVATION, ENERGY CHALLENGE, FIRE SAFETY, ASTRONOMY, ROBOTICS, ENVIRONMENTAL AND CLIMATE CHANGE PROGRAM, GHANA ACADEMY OF ARTS & SCIENCES PROGRAMS in which we have won various prizes. All of which take learners and facilitators out of class, but we always complete our syllabuses in good time. ‘Ayeeko’ my gallant, very humble, hardworking and selfless staff and also to my youthful determined and purposeful students. Silver and gold have I none, my supplication is that the Good LORD will plant your feet on highest ground. To our Honorable Headmaster with his able management team, the Department salutes you for your care and unflinching support; together we make Accra Academy greater while it is still daylight until night when man works no more. Thank you all. To excellence, integrity, truth and dedicated service, we remain committed forever. To God be the Glory. Long live Accra Academy. Long live Ghana.

The subjects listed below constitute the curriculum for students enrolled in the General Science program at Accra Academy. These subjects offer a comprehensive foundation for aspiring scientists, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed for success in scientific exploration and understanding.

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Head Of The Department : Mr. Francis Kojo Buanyomi

Accra Academy School's General Science Department is headed by a dedicated and experienced Head of Department who is committed to nurturing excellence in scientific education. With a passion for equipping students with practical skills and knowledge, our Head of Department ensures that our General Science program remains at the forefront of scientific exploration and understanding. Their leadership guides students on a journey of exploration, critical thinking, and real-world application, preparing them for success in the dynamic world of science.

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Choosing to study General Science at Accra Academy is an investment in your future success. With our General Science Department's dynamic leadership and a commitment to excellence, you'll be immersed in a transformative learning experience. General Science education here isn't just about textbooks; it's about nurturing your scientific curiosity, honing your analytical skills, and gaining the confidence to explore the wonders of the natural world. Whether you dream of conducting groundbreaking research, understanding complex phenomena, or making a difference through scientific discovery, our program empowers you with the tools needed to thrive in an ever-evolving scientific landscape. Join us and discover the essence of General Science at Accra Academy - a pathway to limitless opportunities and a bright future in the world of science.