Governance Structure

Accra Academy School operates under a well-defined governance structure that provides the framework for its administrative and decision-making processes. This structure outlines the key roles, responsibilities, and relationships within the institution, ensuring effective management and oversight of the school's operations. It encompasses administrators, educators, and other important members of the school community, all working together to foster academic excellence and the overall well-being of the students.

Past Heads

Welcome to the 'Past Heads and Co-Founders' section at Accra Academy School. Here, we honor the remarkable individuals who have steered our institution with unwavering dedication and visionary leadership throughout the years. Our past leaders have been instrumental in shaping the enduring legacy and cherished traditions of our esteemed school. Delve into this section to uncover the visionary leaders who have guided us through generations, leaving a lasting impact that continues to inspire us today.

Mr. Emmanuel Ofoe Fiemawhle


Rev. William Foli Garr


Mr. Samuel Ofori-Adjei


Mrs. Beatrice Ablah Lokko


Mr. Vincent Birch Freeman


Mr. Jacob Korley Okine


Mr. Allotei Kobina Konuah


Dr. Kofi George Konuah


S.N Awuletey ESQR

(CO-FOUNDER) 1905-1980

J.A Halm-Addo. ESQR

(CO-FOUNDER) 1902-1979

G.N Alema. ESQR

(CO-FOUNDER) 1902-1973