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The Agricultural Science Department is one of the most vibrant Departments of the school and has been in operation since the inception of the Reformed Educational Systems in the country ie from Senior Secondary School (SSS) and Senior High School (SHS). Apart from preparing students academically for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), the Department also equips students of the Department with basic practical skills in the production of pigs and poultry notably Broiler and Layer fowl production.

Students of the Department offer the following elective subjects; General Agriculture, Animal Husbandry / Crop Husbandry, Chemistry, Physics / Elective Mathematics. Currently, the Department has a staff strength of six made up of four teachers and two farm Assistants. Service personnel and students from tertiary institutions on internship also occasionally join the department to offer assistance.

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The student’s population of the Department stands at one hundred and ninety-three (193) made up of only forms one and two students with one hundred and thirteen (113) form two students comprising three classes and eighty (80) form one students made up of two classes. The Department registered and presented a total number of seventy-eight students for the 2023 WASSCE. Apart from classroom work, the department has a Poultry Unit that can house about one thousand five hundred (1500) fowls and a piggery with a capacity that holds about sixty (60) matured pigs or one hundred (100) growing pigs. Though the Department embarked on a Rabbitry, a challenge with labor for its maintenance was encountered leading to its collapse. However, plans are advanced in reviving the unit since the earlier challenge has been dealt with.

At the moment, there is an ongoing pilot project on fish farming at the Department. An earth-pond holding about 50 growing catfish is in operation. All the above projects are carried out for academic purposes as well as for commercial activity to produce Internally Generated Funds (IGF) for the school and also to equip students of the department with some entrepreneurial skills in Agribusiness before completing school. Despite the strides being made by the department academically and practically, a few challenges need to be addressed to ensure the smooth running of the various projects being undertaken. These include:

Expansion of the Poultry Unit to accommodate at least 2500 fowls at any given time.

Provision of an efficient storage facility for meat and fish.

Installation of Modern irrigation facility to ensure the production of selected crops especially, vegetables throughout the year.

Installation of battery cages at the Poultry Unit for the production of eggs.

Provision of adequate funds to facilitate the bulk purchase of feed for the fowls and pigs among others.

The Department has the vision of creating a special vocational school to train young men and women in an efficient and modern ways of producing selected farm animals (both traditional and non-traditional) and crops.

The subjects listed below form the core curriculum for students pursuing the Agricultural Science program at Accra Academy. These subjects provide a comprehensive foundation for aspiring agricultural enthusiasts, equipping them with the knowledge and skills essential for success in agricultural exploration and understanding.

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Social Studies

Integrated Science

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Agricultural Science





Head Of The Department : Esther Mawutor

Accra Academy School's Agricultural Science Department is led by a dedicated and experienced Head of Department who is committed to fostering excellence in agricultural education. With a passion for equipping students with practical skills and knowledge, our Head of Department ensures that our Agricultural Science program remains at the forefront of agricultural exploration and understanding. Their leadership guides students on a journey of exploration, critical thinking, and real-world application, preparing them for success in the dynamic world of agriculture.

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Choosing to study Agricultural Science at Accra Academy is an investment in your future success. With our Agricultural Science Department's dynamic leadership and a commitment to excellence, you'll be immersed in a transformative learning experience. Agricultural Science education here isn't just about textbooks; it's about nurturing your agricultural curiosity, honing your practical skills, and gaining the confidence to explore the intricacies of the agricultural world. Whether you dream of pioneering innovations in farming, understanding sustainable agriculture, or making a positive impact on food production, our program empowers you with the tools needed to thrive in an ever-evolving agricultural landscape. Join us and discover the essence of Agricultural Science at Accra Academy - a pathway to limitless opportunities and a prosperous future in the world of agriculture.